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Frederick Dorr Steele, Signed Print, "Teacher, Mine Dear Teacher"

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Signed print in its original frame by Frederick Dorr Steele (1873-1944). Mr. Steele, an American Illustrator, is best known for his work on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series. His illustrations are much associated with the present day image of Holmes in a deerstalker cap and curved pipe. Steele's work is also in the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division in Washington. D.C. 

Besides this esteemed notoriety, Steele also did freelance work for many magazines including McClures.  The image in the print is related to a short story entitled "Passport to Paradise" by Myra Kelly. The story and illustrations appeared in McClures, volume 24, November 1904-April 1905.  

Ms. Kelly, an Irish immigrant and a school teacher, wrote many short stories based on her experiences as a teacher for the children of Irish and Russian Jewish immigrants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Her work and its theme of immigrant displacement was so well known at the time that President Theodore Roosevelt wrote her a letter of appreciation and recognition.  

Miss Bailey, the teacher at the core of the story "Passport to Paradise" is depicted in this ink print, along with her student Yetta Aaronsohn. It is a sweet and charming image of the teacher/student relationship in what must have been a confusing and stressful time for these young immigrants.

This piece is wholly unique and historically significant on several levels.  It is in good condition, the image is crisp and the writing on the bottom is legible.  

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