About Us

Flagler Humane Society Shelter, Palm Coast, Florida

Founded in 1980 (a new shelter was built in 2004) the Flagler Humane Society (FHS) has extended the hand of kindness to stray and unwanted animals in Flagler County and surrounding areas. FHS cares for companion animals, investigates and combats animal cruelty, rescues neglected pets, treats sick and injured strays, and educates the public about humane issues and responsible pet care. 

FHS has made tremendous progress in saving lives over recent years and is poised to become an even greater resource for lifesaving efforts. many positive attributes are noted that include, but are not limited to: 
• A caring dedicated staff with knowledgeable leadership 
• Several programs to assist families and pets in need 
• Dedicated volunteers in a community that cares
• High animal save rates with a proven track record 
• Provides animal emergency services during disasters


FHS offers a great, life saving program called, "Humane Hero Membership Program".  Without your support this important work is NOT possible! There are MANY ways to help save a life at the Flagler Humane Society. You can foster a dog or cat, attend an event (or host one on our behalf), leave us in your will, donate monetary funds, bring in your pet to be medically treated, purchase an item from our retail store, shop at our awesome thrift store, volunteer, and of course other ways. It takes a village, and together we can save even more lives! 


 The Flagler Humane Society is committed to the welfare of animals: 
• We will provide shelter and care for animals. 
• We will provide programs and services, which enhance the bond between animals and people. 
• We will be advocates for animals, speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. 


• Always increase the placement of animals into humane environments. 
• Provide and maintain quality programs to reduce companion animal overpopulation and euthanasia. 
• Provide and monitor programs that provide for the well-being of animals in our care. 
• Understand and broaden awareness of animal and community needs and our role in meeting those needs. 
• Provide quality programs and services to improve the relationship between animals and people. 
• Attract, retain and develop capable, caring and professional staff, paid and volunteer, to achieve our life-saving mission. 
• Be an advocate for animal welfare concerns, always doing what we can to help. 
• Identify and secure critical resources to support our activities—which all help to save lives. 
• Evaluate, maintain, and improve equipment, facilities and our grounds. 


Many years ago when FHS was a struggling organization, the concept of resale to help raise funds was inviting.  Friends and members donated gently used items for rummage sales....lots of rummage sales.  It was incredibly labor intensive.  Each rummage sale meant finding a location, obtaining permission from the landlord, insuring the venue, having power and water turned on, gathering, sorting, pricing the merchandise all within a day or so.  Then publicity and the big weekend sale.  Pray for good weather and great turnout.  Then break it all down, clean it up and do it all over again three or four months later.  This went on for years.

Just over a decade ago, we decided to work smarter not harder.  We rented space on US1 just south of the Humane Society.  The store was a huge success and has been growing since day one. 

In 2013 we moved to St. Joe Plaza and the store continued to expand.  After 5 years in St. Joe Plaza we were bursting at the seams.  That's when we found our current location...

480 Palm Coast Parkway - over 8200 square feet in the heart of Palm Coast, Florida. With the help of the awe inspiring contributions from our community and with the help of our extraordinary staff and volunteers' exceptional efforts, our store is one of the most popular in the area and one of the major sources of financial support for our shelter. We're grateful to all for their devotion to our cause!

Stop by when you're in the neighborhood.  We offer amazing items from the necessary to the whimsical at great thrift store prices.